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5 simple ways to save on your Hotel Program

Posted by Monica Gutierrez on Jun 15, 2017 5:39:28 PM

For businesses, hotels can represent up to 30% of their travel program expenditure. The 2017 Corporate Travel Index study showed that the average daily hotel cost in the top 100 US cities increased 5.6% in 2016 resulting in an average of $177 per night. Top business travel cities such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC saw double digit increments in year-over-year hotel costs, increasing to $385, $379, $275 and $320 per night, respectively. Interestingly enough, hotels are often overlooked when trying to control travel program costs. Read on for simple ways to reduce costs without having to send your travelers to a Motel 6. 

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Hotel rate loading errors result in higher cost for companies

Posted by Monica Gutierrez on Jun 13, 2017 11:09:23 AM

Hotel sourcing can be complicated to understand when it comes to buying travel. While negotiated discounts may range from 10-25%, value can make or break the experience for business travelers, and once hotel rate negotiations are complete few Travel Managers properly audit their expenditure. In fact, while 86% of Travel Managers audit their negotiated rated to verify accuracy once they are loaded into the system, less than 6% audit regularly, which results in additional expenditure for businesses.

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United Polaris Business Class: Is it worth it?

Posted by Monica Gutierrez on Mar 2, 2017 9:51:19 AM

United Airlines has completely reinvented its International Premium Cabin with its new and highly anticipated Polaris offering. In a consumer survey, they found that the most valued aspect of travel from frequent flyers is getting a comfortable good night’s sleep. In response, the entire concept behind Polaris was built around providing the best sleeping experience in the sky, an elevated comfort from lounge to landing.

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AMEX Global Business Travel and Concur end Partnership

Posted by Monica Gutierrez on Nov 14, 2016 11:54:27 AM

American Express Global Business Travel's reseller agreement with Concur ended on Sept. 30 without renewal, the companies have confirmed. As such, the mega is no longer among the travel management companies that promote and resell Concur Travel booking technology to new users.

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Travelers waste more than 4 hours a day booking travel

Posted by Monica Gutierrez on Jul 27, 2016 6:15:17 PM

We are all busy people. Between meeting deadlines, growing our companies, and our daily tasks, we don’t have much time to waste on booking travel. With the convenience of online booking sites and flash sales, many of us believe that we can get the best deal on our own. However, in this day and age, time equals money, and you are wasting yours. According to a survey by Expert Flyer, “despite vast technological leaps and the convenience of searching and booking, planning a trip is still a time-consuming proposition”.

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Is a Travel Management Company right for you?

Posted by Monica Gutierrez on Jul 20, 2016 11:17:27 AM

In the age of technology and convenience of search, many people question the need for a Travel Management Company. In an effort to grow your company, time spent planning trips is less time meeting deadlines, getting new business and ultimately, getting your job done. Usually, booking travel falls upon someone with a completely different title, who is not trained in corporate travel. But how do you know if a Travel Management Company is right for you?

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Are your travelers safe in a mass shooting?

Posted by Monica Gutierrez on Jun 16, 2016 1:25:31 PM

Businesses have increasingly large numbers of employees traveling for work. While many employers understand the responsibilities that encompass the topic, they do not provide adequate plans and assistance in the event of a natural disaster, civil unrest or medical emergency. Recent tragedies in Orlando, Brussels, and Paris, considered seemingly safe cities, have reminded us of just that.

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5 Ways your Company’s Travel Dollars are Being Wasted

Posted by Monica Gutierrez on May 27, 2016 8:54:00 AM

Corporate travel spend is a special monster, tricky to understand and difficult to evaluate. No one can negate its importance, in fact, corporate travel results in more than 1% of revenue for companies. It may be difficult to control for some, due to its highly fragmented and personal nature, however truly understanding where your company is spending its dollars can not only contribute to your overall ROI, but help you manage a travel program that optimizes on cost, generates effectiveness and efficiency, and ultimately helps the bottom line of your organization. Read on for 4 ways your travel dollars are being wasted, and how to generate significant cost savings for your company.

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Brazilian airline offers excellent Business Class options at great prices

Posted by Monica Gutierrez on Apr 8, 2016 2:42:27 PM

Azul Brazilian Airlines is a low cost carrier out of Brazil and a relatively unknown operator, since it serves mostly national routes within the country and has few international ones. However it offers an appealing option for business travelers going to Brazil who live or work in the South Florida area.

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Quickstart Guide to Creating a Travel Program for your Business

Posted by Monica Gutierrez on Feb 4, 2016 3:00:53 PM

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Creating an Efficient Travel Program for your company. In the next few weeks, we will outline how to manage and achieve an efficient travel program that will have an immediate positive impact across your organization.

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