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The Apps You Need To Solve Common Business Travel Problems

Posted by Marwane El Mekaoui on May 25, 2018 7:03:35 PM
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Modern technology, for all its controversies and misuses, has been particularly instrumental in streamlining the business travel experience. With inventive mobile travel apps, mobile technology may not solve all of your problems, but it may provide solutions to the issues business travelers can’t seem to get off their back.

Find some of the most common business travel problems affecting travelers below, and the travel apps engineered to resolve them. 

Issue: Disorganized Travel Itinerary

Solution: TripIt

Gone are the days of printed flight and hotel reservations and itineraries. TripIt is one of the first, original travel solutions apps, arranging all of your travel plans into one place. Even more, TripIt Pro includes a number of awesome advantages, like real-time flight alerts, alternate flights, fare refund notifications, and tracking of reward program points in any single location.     

Issue: Last-minute hotel availability

Solution: HotelTonight

It’s probably safe to say last-minute travel is expensive, and unfortunately so, hotel booking is no different. HotelTonight, however, specializes in last-minute hotel deals (up to 7 days in advance) in many major cities. A recent same-day search in Los Angeles, California, for example, yielded results for hotels that were 40% to 50% off in many cases. Other features also include HT Perks, HotelTonight’s loyalty program, which accounts for your recent expenditures in offering extra-discounted rates.  

Issue: Accumulating Travel Expense Receipts 

Solution: Concur

Concur, which dates back a bit longer than most regular travel apps, provides a simple solution for travel and expense management. This may prove particularly useful for frequent business travelers, as expense receipts can pile up quickly.

With Concur, you don’t have to carry your receipts around on your trip until you get back home to record your expenses and make copies of your receipts. With the Concur app, you can snap a photo of your receipts, assign line items for them, and then track them all in one place for the trip you’re on. More so, you can actually book all of your travel arrangements in the app.

Issue: Language Barrier

Solution: Google Translate

With countless world languages across a variety of countries with a global business presence, it’s inevitable while traveling that you encounter words and phrases at airports, on menus and on signs that you probably don’t understand. While a good number of different translation apps do exist, Google-Translate should be your safest bet, since you can physically point your phone’s camera at words to then translate the text.

Google Translate can also translate over 100 languages with a simple type of the keyboard, while offering more than 50 different offline translations. Another useful language app is TripLingo, which includes features like phrasebooks, a voice translator, learning tools, and a tip/currency calculator.    

Issue: Unfamiliar with Currency Exchange Rate

Solution: XE Currency

XE Currency is an easy-to-use, practical travel app that displays the rate of every current world currency. XE Currency shows live propriety exchange rates and historical charts. It also stores the last updated rates, so you can check them out even when you don’t have Internet access. Perhaps the biggest advantage, however, is the ability to calculate prices with a currency converter, instead of calculating the prices in your head or asking someone else to do so.  

Issue: Airport Traffic and Security Wait Times

Solution: My TSA

The conventionally agreed-upon, most dreaded part of traveling is getting to the airport, through security, and to your gate in time to board your flight. Often enough, this airport odyssey proves nothing if not stressfully unpredictable, as you never know how busy the airport and security lines will be. That’s where My TSA, from TSA itself, comes in.

From the app, you can check the historical business of your airport on your day and time of travel, while also viewing current security checkpoint wait times. The caveat, however, lies in the accuracy of checkpoint times, since they are dependent on regular user updates.

Issue: Problematic Wi-Fi Connection

Solution: WiFi Map/WiFi Finder

For business travelers venturing abroad, finding accessible, reliable Wi-Fi is an entirely independent mission, one with its own set of strenuous challenges and obstacles. Luckily, a number of Wi-Fi finding apps, including WiFi Map and WiFi Finder, do exist in the world of mobile travel apps. Both apps work similarly, displaying a map of nearby Wi-Fi networks. In addition, they show passwords and comments from users for the Wi-Fi of restaurants, cafes, airports, and other Wi-Fi hotspots. WiFi Finder, for example, owns 50,000 cities within their app, while WiFi Map enjoys more than 100,000,000 hotspot locations.

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