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Small Businesses, Mid-size Businesses, Large Corporations: How Do They Travel For Business?

Posted by Marwane El Mekaoui on Jul 23, 2018 1:04:54 PM
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Business travel vary according to each company's activities and the markets it targets. Small Businesses, mid-size businesses and large corporations: what are their common points and their differences? How do travel management companies answer their very different needs? Marc da Rocha, Director of Sales and Account Management at Brickell Travel Management explains.

Small Businesses:

Small businesses operate generally in a local market and their business trips are within a limited geographical area. How? By train, short and long-term car rental or on low cost airlines. Where they stay? Airbnb, affordable hotels…. How much they spend? Up to 10,000 dollars a year. What are their needs? Simple and effective mobility tools (Smartphone, tablets, laptops).

Mid-size Businesses                                                                                               

Similar to large corporations, mid-size companies’ activities generally involve traveling staff to different parts of the world but with a lower volume of travel. How? By plane. Where do they stay? hotels. How much they spend? Up to a million dollars a year. What are their needs? Expense management, travel policy compliance and cost savings…

Large corporations

 Big companies travel internationally with a significant volume of travel. How? By plane. where they stay? In hotels. How much they usually spend? More than a million dollars a year. What are their needs? Similar to that of mid-size Businesses, in addition to the desire of providing maximum security to their business travelers, thanks in particular to tracking tools used to identify where their travelers are, and sending alerts in case of emergency.

Travel management companies are all about customization…

Depending on each type of company, TMCs adapt their offers and services to match each company’s specific needs and objectives. "A dedicated interlocutor advises small and mid-size businesses the same way he would do with a large account “, says Marc Rocha.

Whatever their size, companies benefit from the business travel agency's negotiated rates with suppliers (airlines, hoteliers, car rental companies, rail companies ...), in addition to the technological tools and a personalized customer support than can be extremely important for the business travelers in critical situations.

‘’ No need to set up a complicated organization when the need is simple. Our common objectives are the ease of use, quick execution and the fluidity of the processes. In fact, what companies expect the most from TMCs is the daily management of business trips while complying with the travel policy when booking, efficient online and technological tools and of course the safety of travelers. Then come the rates optimization and cost savings.”

Do these three business profiles perceive business travel in a different way? " No. The buyer perceives it first as a cost, explains Marc Rocha. It's up to us to convince him that our travel agency intermediation is a real investment in the medium and long term."

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