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13 Apps Every Business Traveler Needs

Posted by Marwane El Mekaoui on Jul 6, 2018 6:19:18 PM
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Business travelers can no longer live without their smartphones or tablets. There are hundreds of mobile applications, more or less useful, to spend a pleasant, effective and stress-free business trip. For you, we have selected thirteen that are worth the download!


This app makes packing for your trip a lot easier by organizing what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather at your destination and any activities planned during your trip. Packpoint automatically checks the weather for you, will build a list based on preferences/necessities and allows you to share your list with fellow travelers so they know what to pack as well, as your list gets its own website and link. 

FREE (Android, iOS) 


This app will make finding food at the airport a whole lot easier. This app only works in most major airports in the U.S. but it’s expanding! This app is user-friendly and allows you to search for what you want to eat, order from your phone, skip the line and grab your food. It helps you find restaurants in the airport or on route to your gate. You can select your favorite things to eat or restaurants, and most importantly for the business traveler, it enables quick expense reporting by saving all your airport receipts that can be forwarded to Concur with only one tap.  

FREE (Android, iOS) 


This app is ideal for travelers looking to stay occupied until boarding time, relax, unwind or shower after a red-eye. With Loungebuddy, you are able to view all of the lounges at your airport and discover ways to access them. You can also scroll through reviews, a list of lounge amenities, and photos, and you can purchase lounge access straight from the app. It is present in more than 500 airports around the world. Lounge Access Wizard allows you to enter trip details, service level, and any applicable elite benefits or memberships; LoungeBuddy pulls up a list of locations you can access for free or a one-time fee. If you’re looking for a place less hectic than the gate to relax or stay productive, Loungebuddy will be your key. 

FREE (Android, iOS) w/ option of Membership Purchase 

Mobile Passport 

Live at 21 of the top U.S. airports (and counting)  and 1 cruise port. This app makes dealing with U.S. customs when entering the U.S. a breeze. It does require an initial registration process, and you will have to answer a few questions about your trip. But after you submit that it will provide you with a barcode that allows you to skip the line, follow the mobile passport signs, breeze through customs and save time. 

FREE (Android, iOS) 

XE Currency 

Dealing with foreign currencies and trying to remember the latest exchange rate can be a headache, this app will make the currency exchange calculations in a cinch and will help keep your spending in check with comprehensive and accurate currency exchange rates. 

FREE (Android, iOS) 


This is the Ultimate transit map, it provides up-to-date transit information for most major cities around the World!  Live/real-time routing that updates every minute. It sources data from Google, Apple and OpenStreetMaps, Foursquare and Yelp, Uber and Hailo, Car2Go and Autolib, and more. You can find transit information for buses, trains, subway, bikeshare, rideshare companies and more depending on the city, and this app is available in most major cities around the world.  It automatically informs you the fastest way to arrive at your destination, and best of all, you can check out  the subway and train times offline for a number of cities. You can subscribe to specific train or bus lines, and the app can even alert you when you need to get off — handy when you’re riding for the first time in a new country. 

FREE (Android, iOS) 


Tripcase makes organizing your trip much easier by storing everything in one place. TripCase is an itinerary management app that delivers the right information at the right time. TripCase lets you manage flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and rental car reservations in one app. Tripcase includes free flight alerts, seat maps, and weather forecasts, and you can even use TripCase on a smartwatch. 

FREE (Android, iOS) 


TripAdvisor is your crowdsourced guide to hotels, restaurants, and attractions worldwide. TripAdvisor allows you to browse through millions of reviews, images, and videos featuring various establishments worldwide. You can also access contact details, search for nearby establishments, explore restaurants by food type, price range or rating, check out airfares and even add to the knowledge base by posting your own reviews, images, and entries for the places you visit. On its latest versions, TripAdvisor has added a handy widget for your phone's lock screen that calls out nearby points of interest. 

FREE (Android, iOS) 


When traveling on business, it is important to stick to your routine. Running is a great way to get a bit of exercise, beat jet lag, stick to your habits, and keep you healthy while traveling. But, it can be tough finding a good and safe jogging route in a new city, well there’s an app for that. RunGo is a run tracker and navigation aid that allows users to discover new jogging routes, complete with voice navigation to help guide them through unfamiliar locales. Users can download routes for offline use, start routes halfway or create their own within the app. Best of all, premium subscribers can access "guided tours" — verified routes created by local runners through safe and scenic areas, with the app announcing points of interest and other information. 

FREE w/ option for upgrade (Android, iOS) 

Google Translate  

Google translate can be your best friend when traveling in a city with a foreign language. Google Translate can convert words, phrases and short sentences from one language to another. Simply pick an input language and an output language, and then either type or dictate your message. The app does its magic, presenting you with translated text or a short synthesized voice message. In addition, visual translation features have just been added, allowing you to translate text and signage with the aid of your camera. 

FREE (AndroidiOS) 

Hotel Tonight 

If you find yourself in a pinch where you need a last minute place to sleep, Hotel Tonight is a reliable service that thrives on last minute deals. The company has partnered with hotels to offer discounts on empty rooms, and you’ll be able to book one in under 10 seconds. You also get 24/7 customer service from the Hotel Tonight team, in case something goes awry. 

FREE (Android, iOS) 

WIFI Map  

This app is your crowdsourced guide to getting free Wi-Fi when traveling, to get your work done outside of the hotel. It lets you see all the locations around you that offer   Wi-Fi, it provides map navigation to the location, and it even tells you the wifi passwords!   

FREE (Android, iOS) 


TripIt organizes your travel plans in one place. Finds alternative flights. Sends real-time alerts. Snags the best seat. We have something for every traveler.


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